Roman Akafate

Roman Akafate

My name is Roman Akafate, I am "The Ethiopian Orphan Who Beat the Odds and Achieved Success In America." From what I had learned growing up an orp...

Location: Federal Way, WA

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Roman Akafate
Roman Akafate - Motivational Speaker

My name is Roman Akafate, I am "The Ethiopian Orphan Who Beat the Odds and Achieved Success In America." From what I had learned growing up an orp...

Location: Federal Way, WA

Roman Akafate

Roman Akafate - Expert My name is Roman Akafate, I am "The Ethiopian Orphan Who Beat the Odds and Achieved Success In America." From what I had learned growing up an orp...
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My name is Roman Akafate, I am "The Ethiopian Orphan Who Beat the Odds and Achieved Success In America."

From what I had learned growing up an orphan, and through all the unimaginable adversities that I had to overcome, I gained a life time's worth of experience of beating the odds and achieving success. Achieving success, no matter how big the obstacles standing in my way or how many times I had to face and fight them to reach my goals.

As a motivational speaker and coach to immigrants, I understand the difficulties of knowing where to start on building a successful life. This was my first lesson… when I arrived in America; nobody showed me what direction to go in. I learned by trial and error and by using the survival instinct that I developed during the years of being a poor orphan.

The roads I have traveled in my life (which you can read from my book "Winning My Life In America") to get to where I am today, shows the price I paid to reach my goal and live my dream, but more importantly, it shows my determination to reach my highest potential and to fulfill my purpose in life.

We are where we are, at any point in our lives for a very important purpose that we are assigned to accomplish; only if we know it.
I have had places in my life where I felt stuck in one place for a while. Sometimes, it even seemed for a lifetime. There were so many things I had to do before I reached my ultimate destination. It seemed
like a long trip, something so distant that I couldn't expect to reach...but, look where I am now, at my "Ultimate Destination" I am here where I am right now, with you. I am in the present and I love who and what I have become.

To get here, I traveled across the continent, I climbed the mountains, I walked through the valleies, and I fell down and got up over and over again. From some of my falls, my lifetime scars will attest to my struggles.
Some of my scars can be seen, while others are not obvious to the eye. But all of the struggles that I went through were a path to gain my life experiences so I can share it with you the people who needed to hear my story in order to reach your own destiny.

Now, my passion is to help people create the success they deserve. We all are capable of achieving greatness. My motto in life is, there is no dead end until we die but there are road blocks. We just have to move the road blocks and move forward to reach to our highest potential and accomplish a higher purpose.

I believe in a higher purpose than just counting my years on earth and that is what drives my life. I strongly believe that each of us have bigger and better purpose in life than just breathing and walking back and forth through our daily life activities. That is what motivated me to become an author and a motivational/inspirational speaker. I want to encourage people to live a meaningful life, a purposeful life, a life of service to all humanity, a life of love and care…etc.
I speak on the following objectives, that are very important if we are to succeed in life and in business. Anything we do starts from our core values, and the care in our heart about what it is that we contribute to our world. What do people take from knowing us, talking to us, listening to us?

As a speaker, my presentation focuses on what I believe are essentials for success in personal as well as our business life. Those are:
•Living life with purpose... You, me and each individual near and far in this beautiful world that we all share, are here to fulfill a purpose that is unique to each of us. We are not all scientists, doctors, farmers, musician and the like.

The special knowledge each of us are gifted with comes with a responsiblity to put it to work for us and to benefit all humanity. What better way to give to the world and fulfill our purpose, than giving what we know best how to do? Every contribution from everyone of us has a significant impact in shaping our world.

•Set Measurable Goals- Immeasurable Goals are Daydreams. I know a lot of people who talk a lot about doing this, or that, they even go as far as giving other people advice, on what they think is a great idea. But, when it comes to taking action to put the idea to work, they have nothing to show to support their talk; I call people like these “Day Dreamers”.

In my talks, I speak on being a person of action not just a day dreamer. I emphasize on setting measurable goals followed by measurable action. Action, of course, is the only way to see results! Measurable goals followed with measurable action, bears success.

•Celebrate Success no matter how small or big

We all deserve credit for our achievement. One of the highlighted points in my presentation is on the importance of celebrating our accomplishments. There is not an achievement too small to celebrate. In any accomplishment, even if it is mowing a lawn, counts as a success. What matters is, the fact that a person has taken the action and has gotten the job done; while others may be just thinking or talking about doing it. Any person of action should give himself or herself praise for being a person of action. Like I said above, action is the thing that bears results; nothing else will.

•Overcome Adversities or Obstacles

· We are all able. We humans have survived and overcome so many challenges for thousands of years and shaped our world to fit us. Our adversities and obstacles are not as harsh in this time as it was back then, but we still fight our battles to win against our challenges. Like it has been proved in human history, if we set our mind to overcome and win, we know how to win and overcome.

People who attend my presentation will walk away with confidence to be one of those who dare to win, because my own life adversities and the accomplishments that I have achieved so far can give them a testimonial that if they keep believing in themselves, keep pushing their limits and have faith that they can accomplish greater things; there is no mountain they can't climb. There are no goals out of reach. Everything and anything is possible for those who try with persistence, perseverance and patience. Dare to achieve success beyond your wildest imagination and boost your confidence in overcoming any adversity any time.

•Be a Leader at Home and at Work.

Being the best leader starts at home, with your family and friends, and then you take that quality to your company and to your colleagues at work. When you are a great leader, people count on you. In my presentation, I show people on how strength and leadership at home has a direct effect in our performance at work.

At home, at work or in business we are important to those who look up to us. Think about how many people or how many things get affected by every decision you make and in every action you take. As a leader of your family, your company, or as a team member, you must keep in mind that your actions, whether good or bad, could have a contribution to how those around you perform. You can’t expect superior performance while you are perceived as a lousy leader. Be the best to create the best.

•Have respect for others that are different than you,
diversify your mind. It is true, all humans are created equal. Our world is full of people in varieties of back grounds and different looks, different religions, different cultures or traditions, different educational levels, etc, but we are all human beings with feelings and desires to be accepted.

Think how it feels to be rejected, and feel the pain you are causing; to others when you reject them.
Our world is changing fast, and it has become a small world, if you don’t learn to be open to welcoming others that don’t look like you, or act like you, I am afraid that you are the one who would be left behind when the rest of the world is moving forward together. Take time to learn to work with everyone regardless of the differences; it will benefit you greatly.

•Beating the Odds......Life is a numbers game! How many times are you willing to fail and get up to reach your dreams?

At my presentations, you will learn this important lesson. Think of all of the great human beings who struggled so much and paid high price in order to achieve great results. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and others who fought an honorable fight for all humanity by paying the highest price of being imprisoned and even killed. How about those inventors who tried and tried and tried again, until they succeeded so they can live an everlasting legacy and great service for all humanity? I am talking about people like Albert Einstein, a man who tirelessly kept trying, more than 900 times before he succeeded. What I mean to say is, it takes that kind of commitment to beat the odds and achieve success. Be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

I hope you now know, like, and trust me a little bit better from reading my bio and knowing what your audiences will learn and apply in order to reach their goals and their companies goals. I will look forward to meet you and working with you soon.

God Bless,

Roman Akafate, General Manager at Winners Circle Publications LLC